Data analytics is the core of Data Science. In this course, you will be exposed to a collection of data analytics techniques and gain hands-on experiences on using a powerful and industry standard data analytics software. Method. The specific objectives of the SGUS Specialist Diploma in Data Science and Analytics are to provide training in the fundamentals of statistics and programming for data science, as well as in specialised skills in the areas of data mining, applied statistical methods, statistical modelling and prediction. Data is more readily available in the digital economy. The graduates began their journey in July 2018. In particular, students will get an insight into how big data is managed and useful information extracted to better make informed decisions. WHERE TO FIND US. BDA540N - Advanced Excel for Data Analytics . Department. SMU Executive Development offers custom company-specific programmes that are ... SMU Academy offers credit-bearing modules that can be stacked towards a diploma or a degree. Commencement. SMU Data Science Boot Camp puts the student experience first, teaching you the knowledge and skills to conduct analysis on a wide array of real-world problems. SMU Academy is the professional training arm of Singapore Management University. Programmes. The objectives of the Specialist Diploma in Data Science (Predictive Analytics) are to provide foundational training in the fundamental concepts and methods of statistics and programming for data science, as well as in specialized skill sets in the area of statistical modelling and prediction. Search Results Search Again. Apply Course Information. BDA540N - 213BDA540A-D - Advanced Excel for Data Analytics . Specialist Diploma in Data Analytics. The university also offers popular part-time intro courses in Python programming, Hadoop and Tableau, and Big Data, to name a few. The announcement was made in conjunction with the graduation of its first batch of 12 Advanced Diploma in Data Protection graduates, which was held this evening at SMU. Apply for the Course. Students will interact with instructors and other students through Zoom and SMU GO's Learning Management System (Canvas). view all. Giving. PROGRAMMES . Trainer Profile. Careers. IT graduates and professionals who wish to advance their careers in their current field and recognise the need to equip themselves with the latest IT knowledge and skills to stay relevant may apply as well. Businesses have a growing need for professionals who can use data, analytics and business acumen to improve ROI, streamline and expedite processes, drive down costs, create smart products, and build better customer experiences. Certification. Read more here! She has a passion for engaging and inspiring working professionals at all levels by applying the theory to real world business applications. Close dialog Online. 710672 . 1 Year. Level. However, you are not required to formulate or devise complex algorithm, nor be required to be a master of any particular data analytics software. Giving. No upcoming events found. They will then apply these skill-sets in the accounting context by taking three analytics electives. Master of IT in Business (MITB) HR Analytics Certificate - Using Analytics to Improve People Decisions (Foundation Level) Certified HR Analytical Professional (Advanced Level) NextGen Leadership Series. The programme is designed for professionals who are interested in developing expertise in applying data technology into their domain knowledge to solve business problems, especially in the finance and accounting sectors. BUSINESS ANALYTICS CENTRE. It will provide students with the opportunity to undergo a 6 month extended internship programme at a Google partner company. Full-Time and Part-time Graduate Diploma in Data Science awarded by University of London, is ideal for those who wish to study subjects related to data science Events . Data literacy skills are relevant to everyone – from managers and CXOs to technical professionals. M.S. Join SMU’s Advanced Diploma in Data Analytics and Machine Learning to understand the relationships within big data and develop intelligent applications to gain competitive edge within your industry. Course Schedule. We are excited to deliver dynamic and engaging courses in a fully online format. Leveraging data involves choosing and using the right analytics tools to “open a window into the future” for experimentation with different courses of action in order to assess the potential outcomes. The Graduate Diploma in Systems Analysis programme (GDipSA) is designed for non-IT graduates intending to craft a new career path in the IT industry. Programmes. This programme offers students the opportunity to advance their careers and highly sought after skills for the new digital economy. Students will learn how to use the right software and techniques to read visual and statistical data and present it in a way that solves real world problems. SKILLSFUTURE SERIES ADVANCED DIPLOMA CERTIFICATION Having worked closely with the government and various industries, ISE has designed a developmental journey to meet the learners’ demands. Lesson Plan. This programme helps you apply data analytics techniques to mine data & use business intelligence to support business objectives. She consults local and overseas corporate clients on data analytics, user experience design and service innovation. With its pillars of Financial Services, Human Capital, Leadership & Management and Technology & Intelligent Systems, it leverages SMU's reputation and linkages to prepare our Unlike any other postgraduate analytics programme, the MSA’s data and analytics track goes deep into the application of data technology in the accounting domain. Pre-requisites: Local polytechnic diploma in any field of study/2 H2 A-Levels passes and 1 H1 A-level pass with GP or KI/equivalent qualification. In just 24 weeks, you’ll journey through a challenging curriculum and gain the specialized skills needed to analyze big data and turn it … Dr Guo teaches executive programmes of Data Analytics and Design Thinking at NUS. smu advanced diploma in python programming and applied data analytics Full Time Part-TIme (Weekends/Weekday Evening) Weekend . Course Information. IDC states that the data we create is growing by 40% annually and by the end of 2020, 90% of large enterprises will generate revenue from data-as-a-service. Participants will understand the involvement of Analytics in Data Science. Diploma in Data Analytics Co-op. Alumni. Colombo Kirulapona. NEWS . The skills to make sense of data will enable you to make better informed decisions. Data analytics have been touted as the most important technology which will bring organizations move to their next frontier. Administration Building Singapore Management University 81 Victoria Street Singapore 188065. The Data Analytics post-diploma certificate program will focus on predictive analytics, which uses statistical models and forecasting to understand possible future scenarios, as well as prescriptive analytics, which uses optimization and simulation to produce recommendations on possible outcomes. Degree with 1-year experience in the relevant field or Advanced Level … When SMU School of Accountancy (SOA) student Irving Yeo Jun Hui sat in in an information session on the second major in Accounting Data and Analytics, he was drawn by the programme content and possibilities that the accounting data analytics modules would offer.Today, he is well on track to complete the second major by the time he graduates this year. WHERE TO FIND US. Diploma. in Applied Statistics and Data Analytics Requirements for the MASDA degree: To qualify for the MASDA degree, the student must successfully complete at least 36 hours of study acceptable to the departmental faculty. The Cox GBACP teaches managers and analysts how to access data from corporate databases, data warehouses and the Web, to build analytical models for a business problems.