/Filter /FlateDecode This Tariff is dependent on the provisions of the MISO tariff and the Resource Adequacy Business Practices Manual (together, the “MISO Rules”) concerning Load Modifying ... is a renewable energy resource as defined under state regulations. endobj Northern States Power Company, a Minnesota corporation Minneapolis, Minnesota 55401 MINNESOTA ELECTRIC RATE BOOK – MPUC NO. � l���\��K��"��VlY�eI����T��'B����vJOg���+�w��?��ˑ��v��3���9�x�.�����S��\o���/m�}� ��_�IG��PG��(��)�IN:I/�����W��3�?NV�5�@2����Ow�z������2 b��$)�1|O ^v���`�+������pw4_c&��?���}Fq9�g�� s�P�XȀh� �fdSoM�CC>�B-X�W�7��ޖl �Ӫ�>̝�B��GԿ��m�#��a2 Minnesota Rates, Rights and Service Rules. K��뷌�I�b�3�]�?�UV Energy Objective and the Renewable Energy Standard The Minnesota Department of Commerce, Division of Energy Resources (Commerce or the Department) submits the following report on the progress of Minnesota’s electric utilities’ compliance with the Minnesota Renewable Energy Standard (RES) contained in Minnesota Statute section 216B.1691. 7.20 Date Filed: September 20, 2019 Effective Date: August 26, 2019 Section 5 - Rate Schedule Last Issued; General Service (GS) Firm (Residential and Classes 1-5: Commercial & Industrial Firm including GS-NNG, GS-NNG Farm Tap, GS-Consolidated) Even more remarkable, Germany had 2,500 MW of on-site solar electric at the end of 2006, about 250 times more than Minnesota despite Germany’s weaker solar resources. CenterPoint Energy proposed a green tariff for renewable natural gas that was rejected by Minnesota regulators, but the utility says the fuel is a viable path to decarbonization. Minnesota Energy Resources Corporation (MERC) has proposed three projects under Minnesota Statutes, Section 216B.1638. )2�K���s hof����s��79�OHކ_� ��^k��w��:�R$s��Cю&ģnh�6�Ds�b;�xԂm�����?�!I9*�H��j�[/A�I�-����^�W-8�a��(�cƖ�C��՝�ϲ���� 9y֍"@���SČFD������\�.�u��wRŒt� Our utility subsidiaries operate under carefully regulated conditions, which are determined in part by state public utilities commissions. As these standards go into effect and more distributed energy resources interconnect with utility … Minnesota Statute 216B - Public Utilities; Minnesota Power DG Rates. The tariff must: (1) contain either a time-of … 2 DISTRIBUTED RESOURCES TABLE OF CONTENTS Section No. However, the tariff has led to no project development. <>>> 5.00 Date Filed: June 21, 2019 Effective Date: July 1, 2019 Docket No. Northern States Power Company, a Minnesota corporation Minneapolis, Minnesota 55401 MINNESOTA ELECTRIC RATE BOOK - MPUC NO. A VOS tariff is a policy alternative to net energy metering (NEM), which is the most common form of valuing distributed generation (DG) interactions with and contributions to the electricity grid. Municipal utilities and electric cooperatives are explicitly allowed to charge an additional fee to recover fixed costs. 8H�_/0�r+?���(���(����r�E��&�Hh��͑��;pdN��r�짭�1��ݓZ�g4o]����M���t�%��.���)O^��K��mlac���\E�K�K>=+��v��r�땠�'���Y�HN����Z ��O'y�k��H���X#X�� �sy"|-d䅈7e�䌷Wb��U��X1G`�>��*e��y�h֖ tE�dQ��B����M�4��r)tvT�P5���X"�iYg�9#���gO�ix�����+�Ih��&gV�\�5(Ӌ�i���ᭋ�� �U��$�"��5��|����2/ե��5ؔ��n���(�Q�>�*��(���2̞�*'�n�>��J0{�RTû~/��{��m��K(�. ]�+}�M�i���I=m��6�g�2]��.=�&�3��L�3�&9}�� �@Ϫ��&�2�hy�w4��CK��۬�G�1 (i��UVҼ��3�x�"��,HK��wG��� �$p��g�d���/W����ME�f����&-M>��mϓ:�V��Us��?J�[�M�.HE���-E����ж_f ꡲ�#����\u��ܴ+��~�mBc�*�//�L��I�][�W"��̑��H�*�-+�_-Db�/�*�U~��ޱ��Ao~�����H/h����*�4�� ����m�W��>����*p��X?X�}�+\&�����۷��R�I^Ш��W��������:��s�/� stream It may also serve as a precedent for setting a transparent, market-based price for solar energy. 42 percent of energy inputs in Minnesota were put to use in 2013. 1.00. stream 2 TABLE OF CONTENTS Section No. 1-2) Date Filed: 08-30-19 By: Christopher B. Clark Effective Date: 11-16-20 Summary. Read our Rates & Regulations Overview or learn more about our approach to affordable energy. In March 2014, Minnesota became the first state to adopt a “value of solar” policy. Minnesota Energy Resources Corporation Tariff and Rate Book. The investor-owned utility Minnesota Power offers Renewable Source, a program that has attracted few subscribers. Required tariff. System size limit:1 MW (40 kW for municipal utilities and electric cooperatives). /Length 5 0 R xڵ[M��� �ϯ�����W������Zo6�$�l����ZeI��������-o*�T�"��h�x@w>_���x�S���tV&�wy2���IS��iA? 11th Revised Sheet No. endobj MINNESOTA CITIES SERVED BY MERC3rd Revised Sheet No. Minnesota Energy Resources Corporation Tariff and Rate Book. %PDF-1.5 Date Filed: June 21, 2019 Effective Date: July 1, 2019 Docket No. Minnesota Energy Resources Corporation Tariff and Rate Book GAS UTILITY INFRASTRUCTURE COST RIDER 1st Revised Sheet No. IOUs are prohibited from imposing standby charges on net-metered systems of less than 100 kW. 18-9 for 2018\) Minnesota law Xcel Energy Section 9 Xcel Energy Section 10 Otter Tail Power Section 12 Minnesota Power Section 5. Customers with QF systems less than 40 kW AC can elect to receive the Average Retail Utility Energy Rate for net energy sold to the utility at the end of the billing period, typically at a date set every month. 1 1 (Continued on Sheet No. Minnesota utilities offer different compensation rates for customers with QF distributed generation: Average Retail Utility Energy Rate. endobj 1 0 obj << <> This may be either the Uniform Statewide Contract or the Minnesota Interconnection Agreement. Minnesota Energy Resources Corporation Tariff and Rate Book GENERAL RULES, REGULATIONS, TERMS AND CONDITIONS 3rd Revised Sheet No. Federal and state utilities commissions are the governing bodies that regulate the prices and services of utilities like Xcel Energy. More than half of the energy ended up as waste, such as heat that’s vented off power plants or released from vehicle engines. Xcel Energy’s Distributed Generation Energy Tariff (Docket No. 3 0 obj Energy discount is available to qualified low income customers under this schedule subject to the provisions contained in the Low Income Energy Discount Rider. Aggregate cap:No limit Credit:Average retail utility energy rate for <40 kW; avoided cost rate (customer may elect to a kilowatt-hour credit) for >40 kW; utilities are permitted to use a Value of Solar Tariff in lieu of net mete… Title: What is a Distributed Generation or Cogeneration and Small Power Producer Tariff? : G011/GR-17-563 Submitted By: Theodore Eidukas Vice President –Regulatory Affairs 1. MEASUREMENT AND QUALITY This DEFINITION OF PEAK PERIODS The on peak period is defined as those hours between 9:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m. Monday through Friday, except Minnesota Power (MP) offers three different tariffs applicable to distributed generation (DG) interconnected to MP's distribution system. Rates & Tariffs The following links are a complete description of CenterPoint Energy's current rates and tariffs across all of CenterPoint Energy's service areas. TABLE OF CONTENTS4th Revised Sheet No. 2 0 obj <> Under the Community-Based Energy Development (C-BED) Tariff, each public utility in Minnesota is required to file with the state Public Utilities Commission (PUC) to create a 20-year power purchase agreement (PPA) for community-owned renewable energy projects. : G011/GR-17-563 Submitted By: Theodore Eidukas, Vice President –Regulatory Affairs. utility s annual reports \(YR-9; ex. 1st Revised Sheet No. 8.05 Date Filed: June 21, 2019 Effective Date: July 1, 2019 Docket No. : G011/GR-17-563 Submitted By: Theodore Eidukas Vice President –Regulatory Affairs. Minnesota’s statewide technical requirements address this issue , and are currently undergoing an update in Docket No. There are some types of Distributed Energy Resources which do not operate in parallel, and may have different requirements. representatives of Minnesota’s utilities, distributed energy resource industries, and consumers who informed this update of the state’s interconnection standards. : G011/GR-17-563 Submitted By: Theodore Eidukas Vice President –Regulatory Affairs 2. Other Minnesota utilities offer green tariff programs based on the Windsource model in which subscribers pay a slight premium to support wind energy. Energy Assistance Information: If you find yourself having trouble paying your heating bills, please call 877-267-4764 and we will direct you to available assistance in your area. Minnesota Energy Resources Corporation Tariff and Rate Book. 16-521. E-002/M-01-937) As part of the merger settlement agreements between Xcel Energy and various parties, the utility was directed to submit a filing to the MN Public Utilities Commission to clarify and make it easier for distributed energy generation to be connected to their power grid. Sections on Distributed Energy Resources in Public Utility Rate Books. x��\�o�6~_`�=��E%����&�l��l�l��a�%V�z�4������2�c��uG�|&���|${��]ޖ7m����ڶ�����ë��ë����[�e�l���GWo���@�*�n߾A�� ��(��#��շ�o��_>�}�ev������g�j���Y[��d~��"������\3����˹�-D:��c������:��lH}�w�_=��F�Ƽ��������oߜ���Q"��3��HC�����U���y���g_�3b��w�� �WS���~F�&B�y�={E�[>�,-oahn�����]���+:C�V~p����S��cO�yǮ=۟�a�8 �P�"�A&bx�~. In 2001, the state of Minnesota adopted a distributed generation tariff to encourage wholesale distributed generation projects 10 megawatts and smaller. It may fundamentally change the financial relationship between electric utilities and their energy-producing customers. Division of Energy Resources Mike Rothman, Commissioner Bill Grant, Deputy Commissioner Matt Schuerger, Technical Advisor Lise Trudeau, Project Manager 651-539-1861 lise.trudeau@state.mn.us Legal Notice from Clean Power Research This report was prepared for the Minnesota Department of Commerce by Clean Power Research. Simply view the selections below, then click on the subject you wish to review. <>/XObject<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 612 792] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> %���� RATE SCHEDULE GS-NNG GENERAL SERVICE 11th Revised Sheet No. (a) By February 1, 2015, each public utility selling electricity at retail must file with the commission a tariff that allows a customer to purchase electricity solely for the purpose of recharging an electric vehicle. . Minnesota Value of Solar: Methodology | Minnesota Department of Commerce Clean Power Research Page ii Executive Summary Minnesota passed legislation1 in 2013 that allows Investor-Owned Utilities (IOUs) to apply to the Public Utility Commission (PUC) for a Value of Solar (VOS) tariff as an alternative to net metering, and as a rate The three tariffs are: Rider for Parallel Generation, Rider for Distributed Generation Service, and Community-Based Energy Development (C-BED). The Commission has acted on two of MERC’s 4 Dooley's Natural Gas operates a natural gas distribution system bringing natural gas to the cities of Blomkest, >> 4 0 obj Lowers costs – 20-year tariffs stabilize project revenues, lowering the cost of capital for all investors. %PDF-1.5 2.00. Date Filed: June 21, 2019 Effective Date: July 1, 2019 Docket No. Currently, 43 states have some form of NEM; only two jurisdictions have adopted VOS alternatives: Austin, Texas (2006) and Minnesota (2014). 10 TOC-2 Date Filed: 11-03-10 By: Judy M. Poferl Effective Date: 09-01-12 %���� 4 0 obj