Make you own natural hair growing oil November 5, 2017 – Posted in: Homemade Recepies

How to grow and get extra shiny hair with this amazing hair oil.

I am a firm believer of the FACT that nature is our biggest source of beauty and health. I always try to use as much organic and natural ingredients for my face and hair as possible. And I can really see a huge improvement. All chemicals and paraben usually do more harm than good.

How does chemicals and conventional products damage our health?

And we can also see more and more links between these chemicals and cancer. Like parabens and sulfates its all so damaging to our health. There have been studies that shows parabens are found in breast cancer which is a kind of scary thing. But I think it’s kind of logic cause why should we ever turn to chemicals when nature has been around or for thousands and thousands of years treating people the world around. It makes no sense that we would believe in industrial poison than the roots, flowers, herbs and growing spiritual things that grows straight from earth. And not only does these chemical break down our natural minerals and vitamins it destroys the natural treating and growing of our own hair so you stay addicted to these products.  So I think it’s important that we stay enlightened and try to use as much natural and organic ingredients to pamper ourselves with.

Because not only does it make you look better it’s usually so much easier to make home remedies with, much cheaper and it gives you amazing glow from the inside and out. And natural products also help restore the natural oil and vitamins in your hair.

So this is how you increase your hair growth :

So today I’m going to provide you all with an easy and amazing hair oil that increase hair growth:

Do notice everybody works differently hair growth also depend on how much water you drink and on what you eat. But this really helps to improve hair growth. And it has really worked well for me.

What you need:

  • Peppermint essential oil: a few drops is needed since it’s highly concentrated (Prevents hair loss and stimulates hair growth)
  • Pumpkin oil: for base use more of this (Pumpkin oil is highly effective in reducing baldness, also helpful for maintaining a healthy scalp and strong hair follicles)
  • Castor oil: About two table spoons (Helps increase circulation to the scalp which increase hair growth also beneficial for thinning hair)
  • Almond oil: For moist and shine (Almond oil hydrates and ad protein to the hair)

When you pick out your ingredients try to use 100% natural ingredients and alcohol and chemical free or else you will not get the same results and damage your hair instead.

Use on DRY and combed hair.

Mix everything together in a glass or bowl except from the castor oil. Reheat the castor oil in the microwave cause it’s extremely sticky but when it’s heated it becomes more lose and easier to apply to the hair. Ones heated ad it to the mix and stir. Always feel the mix before applying to your hair so it isn’t too hot.

Use your finger tips and massage in to the scalp and hair. When you done added the oil all over your hair, flip your hair over so your head is upside down. This gets the blood flowing to the root of your hair and stimulates hair growth. Do this for about 5-10 minutes the more the better.

Hair remedy

Ones you´re done braid your hair or put it in a loose bun and sleep with it over the night the longer you let its stay the more your hair soaks in the good oils and more vitamins are provided. Use a shower cap or a scarf to wrap the hair with. Rinse out regularly the day after and voila you will have nice and smooth hair repeat this one’s a week and you will see the magic.  Restore the left of the ingredients if anything is over for next time!

I Hope y’ll liked my post and I will follow up with the result in a couple of months.

Love and blessings to everyone



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