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So today Im going to tech y’all on how to make your own healthy delicious toothpaste!

And y’ll gonna thank me later ;D This toothpaste is the bomb and you can say goodbye to damaging chemical poisonous toothpaste stuffed with bullshit ingredients like fluoride..

You need:

organic coconut oil, organic turmeric, and essential peppermint oil

Take about a tablespoon of coconut oil a few pinches of the turmeric and a few drops of the peppermint oil.
Stir it all together until you have an even paste. Store in a tiny glass jar.
This will be much cheaper and last much longer than regular toothpaste.
You can make a bigger batch at ones if you want just add more of all the ingredients.

Benefits with turmeric:

*Tumeric is micro bacterial

*It’s so much better for your teeth then chemical toothpaste.

*Believe it ot not it helps against gum irritation and gum reddening

*It prevents oral infections and it prevents your teeth from becoming brittle.

*Another awesome benefit is that it whitens the teeth after every time you brush.

*Turmeric also have a lot of natural protective benefits which increases your brain capacity. Like how much better can it get? Not much!! You actually treat your brain by brushing your teeth, WIN!

*And it also helps people with sensitive teeth and ripple.

And the part I love the most with the turmeric is that it helps to decalcify your pineal gland. THE PART IN OUR BRAIN THAT KEEPS US AWAKE AND OPENS OUR THIRD EYE (our seed of intuition) YAAAS HUNEY, keep that fluoride away because it messes your brain up!

So you really need to remove the fluoride from your body because it slowly calcifies the pineal gland. And that prevents you from reaching high level in meditation and those vivid dreams. I really started to notice how much better I remembered my dreams when I removed fluoride. The really amazing thing was that all the dreams were really saying something and opening up so many answers I had on my daily life. I even slept better. I really felt a big change when removing fluoride.

Why you should stop using conventional toothpaste:

  1. It contains fluoride. Fluoride is a toxic industrial waste product that’s damaging to your health and straight POISON to your body even in trace amounts. Now tell me why would fluoride be good again? Fluoride also makes us lose connection with our soul and inner intuition.
  2. There have even been studies that linked fluoride to brain damage and even lower IQ in children. That’s absolutely fucked up.
  3. Fluoride can also lead to a variety of health problems such as: Muscle disorders, Dementia, Disrupted immune system, Arthritis, Damaged sperm and increased infertility. And many more the list goes on… The crazy thing is that all of these diseases becomes more and more common in today’s society.
  4. Conventional toothpaste also contains a subject, triclosan which have been linked to creating endocrine disruption. Subjects that creates endocrine disruption are a huge risk to your health since they can create a wide series of diseases such as: breast, ovarian, prostate and testicular cancer. It’s absolutely awful.
  5. And I really recommend pregnant women not to use conventional toothpaste since it can cause preterm and low weight babies. It’s extra important for pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers to look after what we put in our bodies, cause everything we put in goes straight to the baby. I really started to open up to the organic and healthy society during my pregnancy and I’m so happy I did!

I am still very cautious on what I feed my 1 year old with and put into his system because a lot of these products out there are absolutely bullshit and damaging for our kids health… Like why do I need to buy commercial products that are pumped with chemicals and subjects that isn’t natural to our bodies? When I can give him organic and natural products that’s good for him. You do the math…Of course I can’t avoid everything but if there is an organic alternative to a chemical one, I always go with the organic.  I noticed using natural products and feeding him organic is keeping him healthy and in the low risk zone of developing allergies asthma and common diseases.

So with all this being said I hope everybody enjoyed this post and of course everybody does as they like. And you can’t think of everything. But it’s just these small adjustments I want to share with you guys that helped me and I want to pass it further. Of course there are billion things that you can remove that’s dangerous but some are just worse than others. And it’s better to remove some bad habits than have them all. And step by step I hope I will achieve a fully organic life.


Stay lit!



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