Greetings Sunshine! October 1, 2017 – Posted in: Boho Mojo

We are so happy to finally launch our blog! This is a huge step for the boho mojo movement.

Boho mojo loves individualism and our concept is that we rather be different than mainstream. Our Movement attracts all boho spirits, vagabond hearts and gypsy souls, we are BOHO MOJO!

This blog will be like a paper of different topics. WE will write about everything from clothes to festivals, beauty tips, health tips, veggie of the week and best trip destinations. We will include everything we can think of that’s essential in the everyday life.

We want to create a feel-good blog that will be rich in content. We want to develop together with our followers and create a blog for all. And since our follo­­­­­­wers means a lot to us you guys will have huge impact of the topics we write about. So follow us and JOIN our latest project.

Blessings and love to all <3

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