He smiled. "I make Natswu look pweety." On the other hand, Natsu and Atlas Flame are still fighting Future Rogue and Motherglare. He also starts wearing darker clothing, as when he first app… Lucy was about to ran to him but then Erza held her shoulders. Viral vs Viral. "If you had not come back, we'd all be dead, Natsu, thank you." When Zeref returned to the Alvarez Empire, he changed his wardr… You said innocently. Speculations are rife that Lucy's transformation will cause Natsu's battle against the evil forces to … Juvia is first introduced with long hair, tightly curled at the base, wearing a sapphire blue coat, a cream colored furry trimmed navy blue shawl with a pure white teru teru bōzu attached to it, as well as a matching Russian Cossack hat. Igneel's lower body, specifically his stomach, the inner portions of his long tail, and legs, are beige in color. Natsu went to the cave and asked Ayame to come with. He also wears a pendant, where he keeps a childhood picture of Natsu and himself. 0:54. His back has numerous black spikes, reaching down from the back to the end of his tail. He hides his pain with a smile. Someplace in the city, Jet tries to get a defeated Droy some medical attention, while Wakaba restrains Romeo from going to aid Macao in his battle against Motherglare's minions. Some fans speculate that in chapter 535, veins will start to become visible throughout her body and it is possible she will become something evil. Gets murderstomped at 4, How. Lucy fell to the floor laughing. Natsu had a difficult past. 2 yrs later he comes back from that mission and acts as if nothing happened but in facts a lot has happened. "Very attractive." ... Week 14 - Natsu, Come Back to Tokachi! You said with a grim expression. The third season of the Fairy Tail anime series was directed by Shinji Ishihira and produced by A-1 Pictures and Satelight. Team Natsu go to find this stranger but the reunion is far from happy when Natsu has no recollection of them! 2:25. The fan-favorite series got its start back in 2006, and creator Hiro Mashima wrapped his lengthy manga just recently. Natsu's Past and Future Fanfiction. YOU ARE READING. Lucy said shrugging. Yamma vapes all of them. WrestleTalk. NHK. Despite being hundreds of years old, Zeref has the appearance of a young man. 15 S01E56: Week 10 - Natsu, Bring Your Art To Life! No the fact that FH Zeref can use time rewind to come back from having his physical … Although Lucy is now at risk of losing her life after performing Natsu's resurrection, there are speculations that it will instead have a different effect on her. The battles against the Dragons rage on as Mages are either carried to safety or heavily injured. "are you sure?" Trending vs Viral. In Bar Sun, Lyon tries looking for Sherria after the attack Gray took but to no avail. Slowly the book was filled and all Zeref had to do was open it. "I know. Or what happened to … Fairy Tail 537 begins with Mavis and Zeref, he cannot move himself. “Yes, I will be back in a moment” said Mira as she took a paper from Natsu as she went to bring Natsu his coffee On the paper that Mira had to put on the quest board was written <
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