Sync Licensing for Indie Artists: Where To Start, How to be Productive with Music (And Sync Licensing) during COVID-19, How To Increase Your Spotify Plays Part 3 - Interview with Charles Alexander. It can be difficult to get a deal with a company like this. I recorded the song with an Artist friend of mine over 5 years ago, long before I had music on Artlist. Some of the great companies we've worked with. First let’s have to look at the largest grossing film franchise, The Marvel Cinematic Universe. I don’t claim to know everything about it, but I thought I’d share what has worked for me. I often see new startup sites that need music to build up their libraries. For artists that have a unique sound (and an original thought), I think these libraries are usually a better fit. I was a good fit for them at the time, and we’ve built a good relationship over the last three years. You’ll really just have to keep submitting to companies until you find the right fit. Each website has a different vibe that appeals to different types of users. These placements are usually more difficult to land. If you are unclear, you should consult a music lawyer. Who we work with We are an established sync agent working directly with music supervisors, broadcasters, TV production companies, advertising agents and games publishers worldwide licensing music and earning our rights holders revenue. Make sure it’s mastered properly and be sure to get an instrumental master of each of your songs. We rep over 55,000 titles by a wide variety of artists. Sync licensing is licensing your music to be used in any kind of product where music and moving images are used together (synchronized). Everyone’s path is different, and there are no definite ways to success in the music industry. These contracts are usually per song. Meshach Media is a Boutique style, full-service music sync, licensing and publishing company that specializes in securing music placement opportunities for independent Recording Artists, Producers, Composers and Songwriters. These are mostly online companies that either offer a yearly or monthly subscription to the end user or sell low cost licenses per each use. I’ve submitted to several other sites that said my music was not a fit. Best Atlanta/Southeast Vocalist Contest SteeleSync is searching for all-genres Atlanta-based talent or within responsible travel distance (within the southeast preferred) Submit your music to Please put “ATL Vox Contest” in the subject. As the music industry is constantly shifting, there are no set rules. A lot of licensing companies like to see you as an actual artist rather than just someone that makes a bunch of library music. Not only will have get a ton of high quality and high paying music licensing opportunities, but they can also handle the digital distribution of your music. Anara Publishing work to seek the best sync licensing opportunities for your music. My niche is timeless and retro-influenced Pop and R&B music. These companies have direct relationships with music supervisors and can potentially land you larger placements in television, movies and major advertisements. At a recent look, they have over 300 artists that currently have their music on this site and … Simply getting your music in front of new people can be enough to grow your fanbase. Let’s discuss a few examples. 1 Sync Licensing Marketplace: License your music into TV, film, ads and other media and keep 80% of your sync licensing fees and 100% of your performance royalties; 2 Music Monetization: Monetize and license your music into business radio, apps, and other platforms and keep 80% of any income. Anara Publishing represents independent artists for licensing opportunities and royalty administration. A trusted sync agency representing independent artists Sync Licensing for TV, film, games & ads Sync Licensing for TV, film, games & ads. What is sync licensing? Last year, I got a larger placement for a show on HBO Spain. Music Licensing & Sync Licensing Companies: Our Top 5 Audiosocket. I’ve found my streaming plays to increase significantly on the songs that get used on Artlist. Often the small placements can lead to larger placements. Each royalty is very small, but the websites have a large amount of end users, so the quantity of usages adds up. If you don’t own 100% of your recordings, you have to get permission from everyone who has ownership to add your music to a library. If I was pursuing an artist career, I could market to these listeners and capitalize on the audience. Play All; Pop-up Player . That's where Steele Sync comes in as your source for music licensing online. S Sync Licensing. There are no guarantees, but if your music is marketable and your are consistent with it, it’s likely that you can succeed.

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