trade-in. In return the Russians were allowed to trade freely in England. He advocated freedom of the corn trade, reduction of the number of religious communities, and deprecated regulation of the interest on loans. (commercial, private, retail, merchandise, wholesale) " He learned his skilled trade at an early age. Thomas Wilson, in the epistle prefixed to his translation of the Olynthiacs of Demosthenes (1570), has a long and most interesting eulogy of Cheke; and Thomas Nash, in To the Gentlemen Students, prefixed to Robert Greene's Menaphon (1589), calls him "the Exchequer of eloquence, Sir Ihon Cheke, a man of men, supernaturally traded in all tongues.". 5. In the mid-1990s, file-sharing websites like Napster appeared on the net and exploded in popularity as users logged on and traded music with one another free of charge. Even with this technology called money, trade has been difficult. In July 1903, Lord Wolverton, on behalf of the Board of Trade, introduced a bill to continue and amend the Light Railways Act. (8) That is, not trade, but tradesmen. Traded endowments are with-profits endowment policies that have been sold by the original owners before their maturity date. I have something you want and will trade her for it. The An pass, an important trade route, rises to a height of 4664 ft. iii. The advantage claimed for roofs formed with one or two large spans is that they permit the platforms and tracks to be readily rearranged at any time as required, whereas this is difficult with the other type, especially since the British Board of Trade requires the pillars to be not less than 6 ft. It lay on the ancient trade route from Sinope to the Euphrates, on the Persian "Royal Road" from Sardis to Susa, and on the great Roman highway from Ephesus to the East. A season before, his father was called in by his brother, the king, to personally travel to the barbarian lands after a tribe of barbarians invited them to trade with them. Although the establishment of a lucrative trade between India and central Asia had been the dream of many successive Indian viceroys, and much had been done towards improving the approaches to Simla from the north, very little was in really known of the highlands of the Pamirs, or of the regions of the great central depression, before the mission of central Asia. The generally wet character of the seasons in 1879 and the two or three years following was mainly responsible for the high prices of meat, so that the supplies of fresh beef and mutton from Australia which now began to arrive found a ready market, and the trade in imported fresh meat which was thus commenced has practically continued to expand ever since. English words and Examples of Usage use "international trade" in a sentence The right to sit down and bargain, even when you don't get the perfect deal, is the fundamental right for which the international trade union movement has always fought. Our route scooted between Pennsylvania and Virginia for three hours until we crossed into West Virginia and traded a major highway for winding secondary roads. You may see the terms "Fair Trade" or "Fairly Traded" on some organic products. He also took an active interest in the reform and reorganization of the system of taxation, and in the opening of the country to trade. By means of his sons and his deputies (or viceroys) and by his system of matrimonial alliances he gave Athens a widespread influence in the centres of commerce, and brought her into connexion with the growing sources of trade and production in the eastern parts of the Greek world. It has an active trade in cereals and cattle. In Great Britain the Board of Trade requires facing points to be avoided as far as possible; but, of course, they are a necessity at junctions where running lines diverge and at the crossing places which must be provided to enable trains to pass each other on single-track lines. Find more ways to say trade, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. And what happened to the good old days when Katherine Hepburn and Cary Grant traded quips over a Martini? Under their mild and just rule both the native Greeks and the Italian residents were able to carry on a brisk trade. If you want something different, why don't you trade them in on something else? See Evans Austin, The Light Railways Act 1896, which contains the rules of the Board of Trade; W. Addison, Report to the Board of Trade (1894) on Light Railways in Belgium. Tecuci has a large transit trade in grain, timber, cattle and horses, on their way from northern and eastern Moldavia to the Danubian ports. The black "Kaisow" teas are brought from the Ho-kow district, where they are grown, down the river Kin to Juy-hung on the lake, and the Siu-ho connects by a navigable stream I-ning Chow, in the neighbourhood of which city the best black teas of this part of China are produced, with Wu-ching, the principal mart of trade on the lake. TE Jeremy Shockey was traded to the Saints. The inspector, after making his investigation, is required to make a report to the Board of Trade as to the causes of the accident and the circumstances attending the same, with any observations on the subject which he deems right, and the Board " shall cause every such report to be made public in such manner as they think expedient.". The number of vessels engaged in the over-sea trade of Australia in 1905 was 2112, viz. In the latter half of the 15th century Sofia, owing to its situation at the junction of several trade routes, became an important centre of Ragusan commerce. Great writers like Milton and Harrington supported Cromwell's view of the duty of a statesman; the poet Waller acclaimed Cromwell as "the world's protector"; but the London tradesmen complained of the loss of their Spanish trade and regarded Holland and not Spain as the national enemy. selling endowments on the traded endowments market usually results in better value than dealing directly with the life company. Except such as are of coral formation, the Antilles are hilly, not to say mountainous, their summits rising in places to an elevation of 8000 ft., and nearly all, prior to their occupation by Europeans, were covered with luxuriant forest, which, assisting in the collection and condensation of the clouds brought by the trade winds, ensured its own vitality by precipitating frequent and long-continued rains; upon the fertile soil. The import trade is divided between the United Kingdom and possessions and foreign countries as follows: - United Kingdom £23,074,000, British possessions £5,3 8 4, 000, and foreign states L9,889,000, while the destination of the exports is, United Kingdom £26,703,000, British possessions £12,519,000, and foreign countries £17,619,000. The closing of the French market to Sicilian produce, the devastation wrought by the phylloxera and the decrease of the sulphur trade had combined to produce in Sicily a discontent of which Socialist agitators took advantage to organize the workmen of the towns and the peasants of the country into groups known as fasci. Here in 1743 Christopher Sauer, one of the sect's first pastors, and a printer by trade, printed the first Bible (a few copies of which are still in existence) published in a European language in America. The song was traded over and over again by Napster users, and eventually began to receive radio play before the release date. Among those who welcomed the Duke was Malawian sugar farmer Brian Namata from the farmers ' co-operative which supplies Traidcraft with fairly traded sugar. The imports represent £9:11:6 per inhabitant and the exports 11 4: 4: 2, with a total trade of L23:15:8. The trade winds give rise, in the region most exposed to their influence, to two westward-moving drifts - the equatorial currents, which are separated in parts of their course by currents moving in the opposite direction along the equatorial belt. She possessed promising coordination and ability to learn at least the basics of the warrior's trade, skills no other nishani had ever needed. This rate increases as the distance increases, but not in equal proportion; while the rates from large trade centres to other trade centres at a great distance are not higher than those to intermediate points somewhat less remote; if the law permits, there is a tendency to make them actually a little lower. Page 1. NBTY is a publicly traded company with reported earnings close to two billion dollars annually. The misteries or companies of merchants traded in one or more kinds of wares. In so many cases there is a trade-in price given for the second-hand goods which are handed in as part of the transaction. by rail from the port of Guanta, which has superseded the incommodious river port in the trade of this district. The city had been founded in 1158 with the express object of controlling the Baltic trade. The first important industry of the state was "rafting" lumber from Vermont through Lake Champlain and the Richelieu and St Lawrence rivers to Quebec. Trade between the federated colonies to be absolutely free. 3. by the university of Oxford; in December he became a commissioner of trade, and in December 1696 governor of the Royal Fishery Company. A former trade in oil and sealskin has decayed, owing to the smaller number of whales and seals remaining about the islands. The drain of men to supply his armies in Germany, Spain and Russia was also a serious loss. Include contact information, annual sales figures, number of employees and type of business ownership structure (sole proprietor, partnership, non-profit, publicly traded or private corporation, limited liability company. The horse-fair of Sneek is widely attended, and there is a considerable activity in trade and shipping. The export trade, however, is decreasing considerably, while the home consumption is increasing. Other noteworthy sources of revenue are trade licences, direct taxes on lands and forests, stamp duties, posts and telegraphs, indirect taxes on tobacco, sugar and other commodities, the crown forests, and land redemption payable annually by the peasants since 1861. The companies gradually undertook the financial control of the districts where they traded and were recognized by the natives as political powers. A considerable overland trade has sprung up since the opening of Mengtsze. I traded her my soul for the life of a friend. The Word "Goods" in Example Sentences Page 1. The Phoenician words which made their way into Greek at an early period indicate the kind of goods in which the Phoenicians traded with the West, or made familiar through their commerce; the following are some of them - Xpua6c, Xcrcov, (u6aos, 606v?,, uivppa, va(3Aa, Ia 7rpos, ?uxos, µv a, 7raXAaxis, 1 3airi Aos. Resources such as brick and timber are divvied out using resource cards, which can be traded or stolen as the game moves along in order to accumulate progressively larger amounts of land, resource wealth, and power. In the van Ruymbeke process the spent lyes are allowed to settle, and then treated with "persulphate of iron," the exact composition of which is a trade secret, but it is possibly a mixture of ferric and ferrous sulphates. The constitution, parliament and laws of each state, subject to the federal constitution, retained their authority; state rights were carefully safeguarded, and an inter-state commission was given powers of adjudication and of administration of the laws relating to trade, transport and other matters. After entering on a rgime of free trade in 1860 France gradually reverted towards protection; this system triumphed in the Customs Law of 1892, which imposed more or less considerable duties on importsa law associated with the name of M. Being in the main a self-supporting country France carries on most of her trade within her own borders, and ranks below _________ commerce, in Millions of Pounds Sterling. Among these were the brothers Polo, who traded with the East and themselves visited Tatary. Death had done her best over the years to force his human emotions out of him. You made Kris and Gabe trade their souls for Katie and baby's then you quit. Columbus is near the Ohio coal and iron-fields, and has an extensive trade in coal, but its largest industrial interests are in manufactures, among which the more important are foundry and machine-shop products (1905 value, $6,259,579); boots and shoes (1905 value, $5,425,087, being more than one-sixtieth of the total product value of the boot and shoe industry in the United States, and being an increase from $359,000 in 1890); patent medicines and compounds (1905 value, $3,214,096); carriages and wagons (1905 value, $2,197,960); malt liquors (1905 value, $2,133,955); iron and steel; regalia and society emblems; steam-railway cars, construction and repairing; and oleo-margarine. Examples of trade-in. In 1883 he was apprenticed to the trade of printer and compositor. The publicly traded corporation began in 1980 and grew through a combination of product development and acquisition. The town possesses breweries, tanneries, malthouses, flour-mills, saw-mills, brick and tile works, potteries and an iron foundry; its trade in butter is considerable. A very considerable trade is carried on at Parma in grain, cattle and the dairy produce of the district. How to use trade-in in a sentence. In 1774 and 1775 he was a delegate to the Continental Congress and served on three of its most important committees: that on colonial trade and manufactures, that for drawing up an address to the king, and that for stating the rights of the colonies. 103, owing to the silting up of the Claudian harbour, and the increase of trade, to construct another port further inland - a hexagonal basin enclosing an area of 97 acres with enormous warehouses - communicating with the harbour of Claudius and with the Tiber by means of the channel already constructed by Claudius, this channel being prolonged so as to give also direct access to the sea. Attempts have been made to bring it into more general use, but without success; and it is only in particular circumstances that navigation, with the aid either of locks or inclined planes to surmount the elevations, will not present a more convenient medium for an extended trade.". The value of the external trade was £95,188,000, viz. The lawsuits advised people that the RIAA could collect a minimum of $750 per traded song and offered to reach a settlement. The ministry of Lord North, however, was tottering, and soon after fell; the Board of Trade was abolished by the passing of Burke's bill in 1782, and Gibbon's salary vanished with it - no trifle, for his expenditure had been for three years on a scale somewhat disproportionate to his private fortune. Turgot at once set to work to establish free trade in corn, but his edict, which was signed on the 13th of September 1774, met with strong opposition even in the conseil du roi. But today, trade is encouraged by specialization. 1786), visited the place in 1744, and attempted to open a direct trade through it between Europe and central Asia. I traded my trump cards, Sofi added. However, the Russians came in 1805, and in 1812 founded on Bodega Bay a post they held till 1841, whence they traded and hunted (even in San Francisco Bay) for furs. I was her only voluntary assassin. Imported vases of the second half of the 5th century B.C. belgavox 2259635 They sell sporting goods. Those of Nizhniy-Novgorod, with a return of 20 millions sterling, of Irbit and Kharkov, of Menzelinsk in Ufa, and Omsk and Ishim in Siberia, have considerable importance both for trade and for home manufactures. From the. Another English company has constructed motor roads in the Liberian hinterland to connect centres of trade with the St Paul's river. It' may be remarked that neither of these acts confers on the Board of Trade any power to inspect a railway after it has once been opened, unless and until some addition or alteration, such as is defined in the last-named act, has been made. Examples of trade in a sentence: 1. This commerce was a great source of wealth to Venice; but after the discovery of the new passage round the Cape, and the conquests of the Portuguese, the trade of the East passed into other hands. Today, many women have traded in their curly hair for slick styles that are both sophisticated and chic. The rapid development of the foreign trade of the republic since 1881 is due to settled internal conditions and to the prime necessity to the commercial world of many Argentine products, such as beef, mutton, hides, wool, wheat and Indian corn. An English squadron under Sir James Lancaster came into conflict with the Portuguese in 1591, and an expedition under Sir Henry Middleton traded in the archipelago in 1604. There is also considerable trade in cattle. Meanwhile he had tried, he says, to conquer his inclination for the unprofitable trade of poetry, but in the panic caused by the revelations of Titus Oates, he found an opportunity for the exercise of his gift for rough satire. Indie musicians are often more receptive to letting their music be traded online than major label acts, so the internet is awash in indie music download options. Torchmark provides life insurance, supplemental health insurance and annuities, and is a publicly traded corporation on the New York Stock Exchange. From that port the Arabs traded for ivory, slaves and (principally) gold with Bantu peoples of the far interior - the Rhodesia of to-day. It is in a rich farming region, of which Indian corn and oats are important products, and has a large trade. A massive collection of sinister looking implements was growing—tools of their trade, all apparently necessary in order to remain aloft when maneuvering up or down perpendicular columns of frozen water. Gorinchem possesses a good harbour, and besides working in gold and silver, carries on a considerable trade in grain, hemp, cheese, potatoes, cattle and fish, the salmon fishery being noted. He was also to sound the Lutheran princes with a view to an alliance, and to obtain the removal of some restrictions on English trade. Crab-eating macaques from Asia are by far the most heavily traded monkeys, followed by rhesus and squirrel monkeys. During the Gothic wars, however, trade was confined to Portus, and the ravages of pirates led to its gradual abandonment. Jack of all trades is of no trade. 318491 The goods arrived yesterday. These codes are frequently traded and listed by gamers who won't be making another order in the time allotted. 6. How to use traded-in in a sentence. Until then the Venetians held the carrying trade of India, which was brought by the Persian Gulf and Red sea into Syria and Egypt, the Venetians receiving the products of the East at Alexandria and Beirut and distributing them over Europe. It is the trade centre of a very fertile section of the Washita Valley, whose principal products are Indian corn, cotton, fruits and vegetables and live-stock. The ability to instantly and, for a very low cost, reliably transfer money to anyone on the planet is a key ingredient in increasing the amount of trade that occurs online. In 1738 John Elton traded between Astrakhan and the Persian port of Enzeli on the Caspian, and undertook to build a fleet for Nadir Shah. Machat, La Developpement economique de la Russie (Paris, 1902); Industries of Russia, by the Department of Trade and Manufactures (English by J. The countries with which this trade is mainly carried on are: (imports) United Kingdom, Germany, United States, France, Russia and India; (exports) Switzerland, United States, Germany, France, United Kingdom and Argentina. The idea of free trade has divided people for as long as trade has existed. She'd trade it for the one he took away in a heartbeat. Dyeing is another large trade, as is the preparation of indigo. trade (n): the business of buying and selling goods and services; a particular job using your hands or a machine Listen to all | All sentences (with pause) 31. trade definition is - the business of buying and selling or bartering commodities : commerce. They do not represent the opinions of He reached the White Sea, performed the journey overland to Moscow, where he was well received, and may be said to have been the founder of the trade between Russia and England. The value of the trade with British colonies and Great Britain in 1905 was over 7,200,000. As early as the 3rd century B.C. Thus: Trade with Foreign Countries in 1000. Resources are traded for colony ships, trade ships, and fleet upgrades of freight rings, booster rockets, and cannon. Fernan Gomez followed in 1469, and opened trade with the Gold Coast; and in 1484 Diogo Cao discovered the mouth of the Congo. 1. Trump's stock in trade is all bluster, lies, and fluff. gung-ho style traded in for a direct approach. Ten or twelve years later Kamehameha had 20 vessels (of 25 to 50 tons), which traded among the islands. It has a hot, humid climate, relieved to some extent by the south-east trade winds. The hindrance, however, to the general development of trade which the act involved aroused at once loud complaints, tO which Cromwell turned a deaf ear, continuing to seize Dutch ships trading in forbidden goods. There is a considerable trade in dairy produce; and there are shipyards,. It has post and telegraph offices and a lively trade in wool, cotton and dry fruits (almonds, pistachios). He'd gone from Death's favorite – and the only death-dealer serving voluntarily – to just another of her assassins obligated to serve her, after he traded his soul for his best friend's life. When the Labour party joined the Coalition movement in 1915 he became a Lord Commissioner of the Treasury; he was parliamentary secretary to the Board of Trade 1916-7; Minister of Labour, 1917-8; Food Controller, Jan. From 1889 to 1892 he was parliamentary secretary to the Board of Trade in the Conservative Government, and from 1895 to 1903 (when he resigned as a Free Trader opposed to tariff reform) Secretary for Scotland. The political history of the British in India begins in the 18th century with the French wars in the Carnatic. She followed his instructions and traded the file for two prescriptions to drugs she'd never heard of. The saving of cost is effected in two ways: (I) Instead of having to incur the expenses of a protracted inquiry before parliament, the promoters of a light railway under the act of 1896 make an application to the light railway commissioners, who then hold a local inquiry, to obtain evidence of the usefulness of the proposed railway, and to hear objections to it, and, if they are satisfied, settle the draft order and hand it over to the Board of Trade for confirmation. The conqueror also intended to open up trade by sea between Europe and India, and the narrative of his general Nearchus records this famous voyage of discovery, the detailed accounts of the chief pilot Onesicritus being lost. My memory is a big part of who I am and I have no desire to trade any of it away. Some of the amber districts of the Baltic and North Sea were known in prehistoric times, and led to early trade with the south of Europe. It wasn't an honorable trade in my time, but money made up for it. The chief manufactures are silk, confectionery and earthenware; and there is besides a considerable trade in fruit, grain and cattle. PC Quote Symbol Guide Look up the ticker symbol to any publicly traded company. All Rights Reserved. At this period they controlled more of the foreign and colonial trade than all the other alien merchants in London put together. The Mobil Gas Card is part of a line of products offered by ExxonMobil, the world's largest publicly traded international oil and gas company. The question of the suppression of the African slave trade, with which was connected the right of search, was settled by an agreement that each nation should keep in service off the coast of Africa a squadron carrying not fewer than eighty guns, and that the two squadrons should act in concert when necessary. 7), and Azariah his successor was able to renew the sea trade of the Gulf of Akaba (2 Kings xiv. Watson continued to exert his pen with vigour, and in general to good purpose, denouncing the slave trade, advocating the union with Ireland, and offering financial suggestions to Pitt, who seems to have frequently consulted him. Calbayog has an important export trade in hemp, which is shipped to Manila. Tournai carries on a large trade in carpets (called Brussels), bonnet shapes, corsets and fancy goods generally. The firm openly traded in arms. a compromise in which one thing is traded for something of equal value Examples of Trade-off in a sentence As part of the divorce trade-off, the husband has agreed to give his wife the vehicle in exchange for the boat. The export, moreover, of live sheep and of frozen mutton to Europe has become an important factor in the trade of Argentina. It is the principal seat of the linen trade in the county, and has extensive cloth and thread factories, bleachfields and chemical works. CK12011448Tom wants to trade. Megasthenes makes mention of spices brought to the shores of the Ganges from " the southern parts of India," and the trade in question was probably one of the most ancient in the world. They were also eaten fresh and traded for other essential items.Current commercial production of cranberries is performed in bogs, both natural and man-made. of all the countries of the known world, led to an active R trade both by ships and caravans. Shipping has been fostered by paying bounties for vessels constructed in France and sailing under the French flag, and by reserving the coasting trade, traffic between France and Algeria, &c., to French vessels. Meshed had formerly a great transit trade to Central Asia, of European manufactures, mostly Manchester goods, which came by way of Trebizond, Tabriz and Teheran; and of Indian goods and produce, mostly muslins and Indian and green teas, which came by way of Bander Abbasi. My purpose is to explain the net effect of free trade, technological advance, and outsourcing on the overall economic system of the planet. Charles, the vamp Hunter Damian traded for Jenn, rose with a growl. It is now a centre of the trade in Malwa opium, with a wealthy colony of Bohra merchants. came Nearchus, the admiral of Alexander, on his way from the Indies to the Tigris delta; from Basra sailed Sindbad in the 9th century in one of the many Arab craft which traded thence to India, Ceylon and Zanzibar. There is a large agricultural trade, and linen and leather manufactures and the quarries also employ a considerable number of persons. 348. His attention to all trade questions was close and constant; he was a member of the council of trade and plantations appointed in 1670, and was its president from 1672 to 1676. With each trade he got something he valued more than what he traded away; and presumably all the people he traded with along the way also increased their value with each trade. Define traded. trade in synonyms, trade in pronunciation, trade in translation, English dictionary definition of trade in. The foreign trade is not large, and consists chiefly in the exportation of pineapples and other fruit. After two successful voyages, Eudoxus, impressed with the idea that Africa was surrounded by ocean on the south, left the Egyptian service, and proceeded to Cadiz and other Mediterranean centres of trade seeking a patron who would finance an expedition for the purpose of African discovery; and we learn from Strabo that the veteran explorer made at least two voyages southward along the coast of Africa.