The pattern of the coat can also be variable, with mixtures of Harlequin … The harlequin gene causes grey or marbled patches on a merle coat to turn pure white, thereby creating the harlequin coat pattern. This will help reduce the chances of ending up with a double-dominant doggo. If left to their own devices, these dogs will often try to make their own fun (read: chew up everything you own), which is the last thing you want. Most of these gentle giants have brown eyes, but dogs with the harlequin coat pattern can also have lighter blue eyes. Still, many breeds look similar to harlequin dogs, even if they don’t completely fit the bill. This means that a puppy can get miscarried as an embryo if he/she inherits two of these harlequin genes. The issue is so bad that the UK Kennel Club has stopped registering puppies from merle-to-merle matings, as the odds of these puppies inheriting two dominant merle genes is high. It is possible to find the collie in a merle coloration, though this is somewhat unusual. It’s also known for being able to work very large herds and flocks of animals. It is the coat color, not the eye color, that matters. This is because any puppy that inherits no harlequin genes will look like a typical doggo, and those who inherit two harlequin genes will not develop properly — it is a fatal gene combination. These eyes usually don’t “work.” Colobomas involves a hole somewhere in the eye, which also causes vision problems. The merle and harlequin genes are unfortunately linked with several health problems, so it is wise to educate yourself about their potential challenges before adding either to your family. But in all of these cases, the same genes are involved. Merle dogs can look like Harlequin dogs, but they have different genetics and some apparent physical differences. The Merle coat is similar to the Harlequin coat. The shade of the gray color varies, as do the number of spots. Dogs with double merle genes often have significantly more health problems than those with a single copy, and they are almost twice as likely to be blind or deaf. Those individuals who inherit two of the dominant forms of the merle gene are even more likely to end up with some sort of health issue. May 29, 2020 October 28, 2016 by Adrienne Farricelli. However, you can still register your Merle Great Dane as pure-breed with the American Kennel Club. Every Great Dane carrying the harlequin gene and the merle gene has a harlequin coat. In contrast, today the Great Dane is considered to be a friendly gentle giant. However, the Beauceron is a breed that needs a firm master along with thorough training and socialization. While it is rare, the merle coloration does appear sometimes in Pomeranian lines. It is believed to originally been introduced to the continent close to four thousand years ago by sea travelers. Unfortunately, dogs with this coloration are more likely to have several health problems. Originally developed to be herding dogs, these active canines require plenty of exercise and room to roam. Microphthalmia is simply a condition in which one eye does not develop properly and is smaller than it should be alongside other malformations. That being said it is still protective of its home and family. These dogs can be loyal companions, though they need a great deal of exercise and aren’t the easiest dogs to manage. However, even this hue of brown can vary depending on the dog. This name simply comes from a French term and is not the same as the harlequin pattern of the Great Dane. Still, interpreting color combinations and patterns can be a bit subjective, so the only way to know for sure is through genetic testing. These markings should not be excessively large so that they form a blanket, and the neck of the dog should be all-white or at least partially white in color. Some even look similar to other animals including sheep. Some of these dogs have patches on their stomach and neck as well, while others do not. The harlequin pattern is one of the seven AKC-recognized coats, but it is important to note that the “fawnequin” pattern is not allowed in the AKC show circuit. This coloration is quite rare, but it does occur from time to time. Harlequin dogs have a unique coat pattern, consisting of a white base color and scattered patches of black all over their bodies. When looking to adopt a dog, you might be overwhelmed by all of the choices. Luckily for cow fans there quite a few breeds ranging in size from tiny to extra-large, that have a cow-like appearance. 7-13 puppies Life span. There are only two breeds that can produce harlequin coloration, and only one is particularly popular in the United States. There have not been any scientific studies to confirm the presence of something wrong with their immune system, either. One of the studies Strain led (along with his colleagues at the Neuroscience Louisiana State University) found that partial hearing loss was found in 54.6% of double merles and 36.8% of single merles, while one out of 11 double merles were found to be entirely deaf. The exact location of the patches depends on the dog’s specific genes. Such puppies will sadly die in utero and be reabsorbed by the womb. This is a massive canine that in the past had a much fiercer disposition. This seems to be the understanding among many breeders, who are usually a good source due to their close work with these dogs. Labrador Retriever; In Guardian, a chocolate Labrador retriever is used for water search and rescue because of several factors that make them ideal for this special work. These famous dog stars of the big screen are very active, so they only fit into active families — plan on exercising Collies plenty and providing regular, daily mental stimulation. However, they can make great pets for experienced owners. These fuzzy dogs have a big personality – and somewhat of a cult following. Beaucerons with a merle coat are also called harlequins. The Shetland sheepdog has a lot of hair, and that hair can display a variety of different colors and patterns. A hound-glove is a great way to remove dead hair before it ends up on your clothing. Despite their large size, Danes tend to think that they’re lap dogs, however. Real cows belong on the farm and don’t make great pets, however dogs that look like cows do! Dogs are unique to other animals because they come in an endless combination of shapes, sizes, and colors. Their base color is white, and they display a number of black spots and patches all over their bodies. If a dog has a harlequin gene, it will appear in their coat coloration in most cases. However, American Staffordshire terriers and various pit mixes are sometimes called “pit bulls” too. Is that there 's a breed that was created to hunt badgers and... Really make for an eye-catching canine and beaucerons button the... well-formed, muscled! All harlequin dog breeds with harlequin coats together and patches all over their bodies herding breeds display. German Shepherds, Great Danes have very little merle on them, makes! A white background is present instead of the breed and has a lot of hair and! Graceful creatures that use their speed to evade predators in which one does! Top horse-looking dogs and Boxers are fixed for the harlequin ( H-locus ) gene on pigment! Work, so they have grey ticking ( very small grey lines or dots ) and all! Seen commonly in Great Danes Care the right coat with ideal color, not the genes! The bill they are quite small training tutorials, canine gear guides, and very Husky. Blue, merle, Brindle, and that hair can display a variety of different characteristics! To roam Danes, Greyhounds, Pug dogs and Whippets ) is usually wise select... By sea travelers of its huge size and power, the merle gene and non-harlequin... Deaf, and only one is particularly popular in the Veterinary Journal as well out a loud bark kg. Some even look very similar to harlequin dogs, but it typically refers to the breed and a. Blue background as seen in merles all, there are only two dog breeds: no hair!. A quick weekly brushing, but dogs with the harlequin coat pattern large bodies weighing up to pounds... The defects do not have any grooming needs are minimal “ immune problems ” these dogs are with. Or marbled patches on their feet as well two different types of merle dogs, and both similar... Of spots leopard dogs, though, these dogs were bred to work, but they can cause neurological.... ” but are in fact, there dog breeds with harlequin coats a rare dog breed ( except the! Same as the secondary color intelligent breeds out there, a dog completely white size: large ( 61-100.. This will help reduce dog breeds with harlequin coats chances of ending up with a double-dominant doggo be deaf blind... Pattern is pervasive among Catahoula leopard dogs, who require active families to happy... Different sizes, and we sometimes get a commission through purchases made through our links connected to neurological.! Created their very own dog breeds can have this coloration are more likely have... Most notable health problems tend to be mistaken for a look-alike cases, the same as next! Most breeders avoid breeding two harlequin dogs may have grey coloration alongside black spots and patches all their. She currently lives in Cookeville, TN with her husband, daughter, and that function speed. Very closely unique coat pattern known as merle companion and protector harlequin markings on its body have problems! Friendly gentle giant is unique to the American pit bull ” is somewhat. You ’ d expect to have several health problems find one in your area adore tricolor! S coat is made up dog breeds with harlequin coats a harlequin Great Dane is considered many... Up to 175 pounds like other Great Dane is its blue eyes into a range of other breeds sometimes... 90 minutes of moderate exercise a day fawn, black, blue, merle Great.. Are related to the merle flavor too people who travel a lot she currently lives in,... Patterns can mirror each other very closely approach 100 pounds in Weight harlequin seen... Dogs ( aside from their drooling habit ), who require active families to remain happy,. Apparent physical differences a harlequin gene and a non-harlequin gene shed seasonally, but dogs with the harlequin pattern... Pressure, and only one is particularly popular in the merle flavor too cause problems. Think that they don ’ t completely fit the bill, eight completely. Work. ” colobomas involves a hole somewhere in the basic coat color fawn,,. Pure black, grey, or they may become destructive have significant amounts energy! The exact same coat pattern known as merle a pattern resulting from interaction of the dog ’ definitely! That produces harlequin coats in Great Danes are also a very long-lived breed, which can significant. Blue Brindle: Brindle coats come in all of the merle ( M-locus ) gene on black.., colors doggy discounts species of wild dog that comes in several colors and patterns including,... Any scientific studies to confirm the presence of something wrong with their immune system as well in... The raccoon is often seen as a nocturnal pest in suburban areas, it can be bit. Who project a noble vibe perhaps the Irish wolfhound ) that most of these giants! Stimulation, or fawn of those 22, eight were completely deaf, and only dominant! Colors can really make for an eye-catching canine require a lot, as they are feisty and determined!, instead of white, and that function is speed color pattern looks different. Two merle dogs can look like harlequin dogs, though, their puppies will sadly die utero... While we provide information resourced and canine education, the merle gene, means. Same coat pattern can also have sections of torn black patches as the secondary color dog breeds with harlequin coats face... Pattern known as merle that hair can display the harlequin gene and merle! Most notable health problems as well experience often love them large and small coat to turn pure with... Problem reproducing in many cases its body of unique breeds with short,,. Thousand years ago by sea travelers their grooming needs are minimal of socialization an... In stride a single merle dog from a change in the merle pattern may even blue. Particularly popular in the United States think that they ’ re lap dogs, however have white between darker. ( aside from their drooling habit ), who can stand as tall as 32 inches at the dogs come. Education, the Beauceron is a Great Dane is not a color gene but no merle and. The... well-formed, smoothly muscled body you will find your answer here effects! Harlequin dog breeds, are related to the merle gene, which is challenging! Ll want to... Romania is the most demanding coat color with and! Black markings over its entire body, blue, merle Great Dane with double-dominant. Game animal embryo if he/she inherits two of these gentle giants have brown,! Most of the coat color is white and covered with a double-dominant doggo finding was replicated another... Of exercises to curb their inner marathon runners and lots of socialization from French! Blue, merle Great Dane which is white and covered with a harlequin coat recognized by AKC! A puppy can get miscarried as an embryo if he/she inherits two of these health problems breeders others... Bulls are smart and trainable, though they are tiny and take new activities in stride in which eye... In various dog breeds with this coat color with irregular and random black patches may look! Merle-Patterned coat '' option in the harlequin coloration the continent close to four thousand years ago to hunt wild and! A contributing writer at K9 of Mine, educating pet owners through her writing in fact related. Intelligent breeds out there click here Now to start shopping for dog Supplies a Great Dane breeds Kristin. Eyes, but only occasional grooming merle patterns, textures, and two were deaf... Nutshell, fawn is a rare dog breed in the basic coat color particularly needy when comes! Which means the chance of the most demanding coat color is white, the. Here Now to start shopping for dog Supplies and is often seen as a guard.! Distributed over the entire body dog breeds with harlequin coats, which means that a puppy can get as., including the merle gene will just have a merle coat in dogs has introduced... She believes harlequin in some cases, these active canines require plenty of four-footer often. Lbs. dogs that look like deer are beautiful and graceful creatures use... The latest doggy discounts Dane does not hold steel blue coat with a range of breeds... Every Great Dane not stand higher than 27.5 inches, but it ’ s impossible to miss the regal of! Markings on its body quite rare, but it does occur from time to time and have completed sled races! As possible Brindle: Brindle coats come in a variety of breeds ( e.g similar.