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Chippewa | This massive dreamcatcher is a crystal clear choice for a person who fancies dream catchers. Lakota crochet is enriched with big beautiful white feathers. It’s really a dream catcher for the person that has an eye for details. The composition inside is crochet made and the feathers are interspersed with straight and fluffy feathers. The whole dream catcher in in white and will light up a whole room. This one fits perfectly to anything from boho/gypsy interior to shabby chic.

✔ 45 cm in diameter.

Dreamcatcher | Chippewa

Dreamcatchers origin was found within the Ojibwa tribe. It was passed along to other tribes in North America through intermarriage and trade. An old legend speaks on the spider woman Asibikaashi that brought the sun to the Ojibwa people. And her task was to take care of the children and her people. But when the Ojibwa people started to spread through all of the four corners of North America, this journey was difficult for her to make and reach the children. So mothers and sisters and grandmothers took it upon themselves to make the weaving web for the new babies. The circle represent how the sun moves through the day. The spider web catches all the bad dreams and bad energy. And the little hole in the middle allows the good thoughts to come through. According to tradition a feather is hanged in the middle which represent breath or air which is essential in life.

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