Natalie B Jewelry


Natalie B Jewelry, a timeless collection of classic necklaces, bracelets, rings and fashion jewelry from Venice Beach, California. Creating unique pieces of art with a sense of timelessness.

Jewelry designer Natalie Balker is a true southern California native. She is the perfect mix of beach bohemian and classic Hollywood glamour. Growing up shopping vintage fashion markets and cool retro design stores Natalie B, if not born with the eye, developed a keen knack early for recognizing unique one-of-a-kind gems.
Thanks to her mother, the owner of an antique and vintage emporium, and her Hollywood costumer father, Natalie B was a boutique aficionado from the beginning. Accessorizing women with treasures found in her mothers inventory quickly became a passion. As a young adult, with fashion in her blood, Natalie B began not only attending the vintage fashion trade shows, but also traveled to Europe to educate herself on design tradition all the while purchasing and stocking for her very own collection, Natalie B then began to restyle her favorite vintage pieces into her unique designs. Antique watches became bracelets, pendants turned into drop necklaces – giving them all a modern twist – Thus over time this gypsy California girl began to build a name for herself and Natalie B Jewelry was born!

The boho beach-girl staple boutique Planet Blue was the first shop to carry the collection; with Hollywood celebrities taking notice of the jewelry and editorial stories writing of the unique nature, style and quality; Natalie B Jewelry became a household name and is now being stocked in the best boutiques all over the world.
The collections range from trendy to classic, the pieces are an eclectic mix of times and trends. Scouting style through world travel, she journeys to beautiful places such as Bali, Istanbul, Vienna and Milan to render beautiful jewelry with an unmatched style. Along with her travels the weekly trips to those same vintage markets and bazaars of her upbringing as well as secret treasure spots of which she will never tell round out her specialty selections.
Casting inspiration to daily life, happenings and surroundings; her personal collection of glamour relics in the design studio continuously stimulates her to create. Natalie B credits her taste and selection to intuition, meaning the collection will forever be something close to heart and a true work of art creating a sense of timelessness.
Know with full confidence that each piece of Natalie B Jewelry you collect was chosen, and created with care and exact depiction of a true artist’s very clear vision to your show stopping contemporary piece.