Namaste Collective


Namaste Collective have put their heart and soul into everything they offer. Namaste Collective are a small business with just a few young individuals trying to make a differenc.

The henna kit was tested and altered for months on end before being released for everyone’s enjoyment. Namaste Collective strived to find the safest, most pure henna in the world, and also the henna that would be easiest to use. Namaste Collective have designed the henna kit so that whether you are a complete beginner to art, or an experienced henna artist, it will be the kit for you.

And of course, Namaste Collective never test on animals, or engage in any unethical practises through our manufacturing or suppliers.

Natural Henna Kits – Namaste Collective made Henna easier than ever | Tracing pencil, simple instructions booklet and enough Henna for 40 small designs – all natural!